Registration Form Wild Turkey Contest 2023

It’s time to get out and enjoy two wild turkey events sponsored by The St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers.

1st Annual Spring Wild Turkey Contest

Where – Ontario Wildlife Management Units 36 and 45 – Northshore and St. Joseph Island respectively

When – For the duration of the Ontario spring wild turkey open season beginning April 25, 2023 and ending May 31, 2023

What – Cash prizes based on 70% of entry fees received will be awarded in two categories, beard length and spur length.

Photographs will be required of tag, beard, spur and successful hunter with bird, further details provided in the contest rules. Anyone who has entered the contest will be eligible for additional draw prizes.

Prizes will be presented between 2 and 4 pm on June 3rd at the Hunters and Anglers Conservation Centre, located at 1802, 20th Side Road, St. Joseph Island. Light refreshments will be provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must register prior to April 25, 2023 for the wild turkey contest–Participants whose paid entry was received before midnight April 16 will be eligible to win one entry fee back.

Registration Closes Midnight April 24th 2023

Registration can be done by following the instructions on the following page

Registration can be done

  1. on-line or
  2. by submitting the attached form with the appropriate payment as per the instructions on the form.

2023 Spring Wild Turkey Contest for MU’s 36 & 45.



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Check the applicable events and associated costs

Wild Turkey Contest – Adult – $30.00             _____

Youth- $20.00              _____                         

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Cash, Cheque or etransfer accepted)


Step 1- Print and Complete the registration form(s) and email to (Legible photo of completed form acceptable)

Step 2- Etransfer corresponding fees to Please indicate in the message box the names of the participants for the corresponding fee(s) submitted.


Wild Turkey Contest

Step 1- Complete the registration form(s)

Step 2- Submit form(s) in person with payment on at April 13 at 7:30 pm at the club regular monthly meeting or April 23 from 10-4 at the St Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Conservation Centre, 1802 20th Sideroad, St Joseph Island or by contacting Kevin @ 705 989-7319.

Registration including payments received by April 16th have a chance to win your individual entry fee back by a random draw.

Participants will receive an email from ( confirming participation.

By signing and submitting this registration form, you give the St Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Association, the right to use your photos for Association related activities or promotions. You further agree that you will not hold the Association or organizers liable for any accident or harm that might occur as part of your participation in either the Spring Wild Turkey Contest or Workshop.