Seventh Annual Island Summer Fishing Derby

Due to Covid-19, the St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers previously cancelled their Seventh Annual Summer Fishing Derby that coincides with Family Fishing Week.  However, knowing families will be out fishing together, The St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Club will have an online derby, Bragging Rights Derby, only with no registration and no follow up dinner and presentations.  In the future, once we can gather, we will try to have some prize presentations for the children involved in the Derby.

Ontario Family Fishing Week is July 4th to the 12th, and just as in past years, our Bragging Rights Derby will run from 6am on July 4th to 12pm on July 12th. Registration will occur when you send your fish picture to our site derby@sjiha.ca   Include your name and phone number, and the length of the fish measured from the front of the fish to the fork in the tail (as we have done in previous tournaments).  Take a picture of you holding the fish or of the fish on our measuring tape of past derbies.  Family pictures would also be a nice addition. 

Once the picture is taken, it can be emailed to derby@sjiha.ca . Include your name, whether you are a child under 15 or an adult, and the length of the fish; we will post it on our site for all to see.  A gallery of the pictures of the largest fish caught for the day will be on the www.sjiha.ca website, so bragging rights will be yours.

Similar to previous derbies, we will have 6 fish species recognised for competition: pike, perch, bass, walleye, trout/salmon and herring (ciscoe), but send pictures of anything you catch, and we will add them to the derby gallery.  Like past derbies, this derby is restricted to fishing in Canadian waters in contact with St. Joseph Island. Have fun and stay safe, and we hope you will participate in the St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Bragging Rights Derby.