Annual Island Fishing Derby

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The Annual Island Fishing Derby will help to promote St. Joseph Island and to showcase the Conservation Centre and activities of the St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers.  The event will cover any Ontario waters in contact with St. Joseph Island including waters along the north shore from Bar River to Thessalon and be open to all levels of anglers from kids fishing from a dock to anglers fishing in fully equipped boats.

The 2020 Derby, Bragging Rights Derby, will run from 6 am on July 4th to noon on July 12th to coincide with the Ontario Government’s Free Fishing Week.

Species included in the derby will be: bass/pike/perch/pickerel/salmon (including trout) and lake herring (cisco).  There will be neither a banquet nor prizes because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Registration will occur when you send your fish picture to our site   Include your name and phone number, and the length of the fish measured from the front of the fish to the fork in the tail (as we have done in previous tournaments).  Take a picture of you holding the fish or of the fish on our measuring tape of past derbies.  Family pictures would also be a nice addition.

Once the picture is taken, it can be emailed to . Include your name, whether you are a child under 15 or an adult, and the length of the fish; we will post it on our site for all to see.  A gallery of the largest fish caught for the day will be on the website, so bragging rights will be yours.

Island Fishing Derby Rules
1. By entering the Bragging Rights Fishing Derby, all participants declare that they have an understanding of all tournament rules and agree to abide by them.
2. You are responsible for your safety and actions at all times before, during and after the Island Fishing Derby. Each entrant, upon registration to compete in the derby, agrees that he/she will not hold the Sponsors or Hosts liable for any kind of accident that might occur during the Island Fishing Derby and will sign a waiver form when registering.
3. All Ontario fishing regulations must be abided by or you may be disqualified.
4. All regulations set forth by Transport Canada must be abided by. Owners MUST comply with all safety requirements and have their Pleasure Craft Operators Card as per Transport Canada regulations.
5. Thanks to the Government of Ontario, you don’t need a fishing license to fish this week. Check out for more details.
6. The Island Fishing Derby will commence at 6:00 a.m. on July 4th, 2020 and end at 12:00 noon on July 12th. No exceptions.
7. Official Measuring: Once a fish is caught, the participant is responsible for measuring their catch and taking a legible photo that shows the exact length measured in centimetres from the longest point at the front of the fish to the fork in the centre of the tail rounded up to the nearest half centimetre.
8. Once the photo is taken, please email to with your name and measured length of the fish.
9. Derby updates will be posted regularly on our website
10. In the case of a tie, the first entry received will be the winner.
11. All decisions of the Derby Officials are final and may not be protested.