About The Club

The St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Association (SJIHA) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1982 and incorporated in 2000. The Hunters and Anglers Association is dedicated to wildlife conservation and to promoting and providing educational opportunities related to conservation.   The association currently offers various programs directly related to enhancing existing habitats for wildlife and fish.   The SJIHA is an Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) member club.

The SJIHA (the Club) is the largest organization representing hunters and anglers in the District of Algoma with over 225 members.  The Club meets on the second Thursday each month at the Conservation Centre located at 1802 20th Side Road, St. Joseph Island.  The public are welcomed to attend the monthly meetings which include presentations given by invited guest speakers in topics related to conservation and the outdoors.  The Conservation Centre includes a 6,400 square foot building on a 84 acre property purchased by the SJIHA in 2002.  Through the support of Trillium Grant funding and the hard work of volunteers, the building has been renovated and many property improvements have been completed.  The upper level of the building includes a meeting area, washrooms, an office, and full kitchen.  The lower level includes an indoor archery range which is open to archers of any skill level every Friday evening.

The objectives of the St. Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers Association are:

  • To provide opportunities to discuss and develop means of promoting good management of fish and wildlife populations.
  • To encourage better understanding and appreciation of wildlife and other components of the ecosystem through education and public awareness.
  • To create an effective means of communication with agencies responsible for wildlife management (in particular the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) so that the municipalities and landowners may participate in the development of effective fish and wildlife programs.
  • To encourage and assist in the preservation of historic sites and public and private property.

Club Mission

To promote fish and wildlife conservation through education programs and activities related to conservation issues

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