Bragging Rights Derby is back! July 3 to 11

Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to lift, but large gatherings and indoor gatherings are still not possible.  But you can go fishing! 

  • Fish because you love fishing!
  • Fish because fishing is free for the whole family during Summer Family Fishing Week.  
  • Fish because you want to brag about your catch(s).

Enter the St. Joseph Island Bragging Rights Fishing Derby to gain your bragging rights!  There is no registration, no celebration dinner and no prize board.  There  may be some small prizes for the children’s entries, so be sure to let your kids photograph and upload their fish photos.

  • Free Fishing Week is July 3rd to the 11th, 2021 and the Bragging Rights Derby will run from 6am on the 3rd to 12pm on the 11th similar to our normal derby.
  • Register by sending a picture with your name, phone number and the length of the fish to .  The fish must be measured from the front of the fish to the fork in the tail.
  • Take the photo with you holding the fish or with the fish on our measuring tape provided in former derbies.
  • Family pictures are welcome.
  • Email your picture to Attach your name, whether you are a child under 15 or an adult, and the length of the fish
  • Your photo will be posted on our website, and Bragging Rights are yours!
  • Look to see if your fish is in the gallery of largest fish caught!

Similar to previous derby’s, six fish species qualify: pike, perch, bass, walleye, trout/salmon and herring (ciscoe); But for the Bragging Rights Derby, send pictures of anything you catch so you can be registered in the derby.  We will add all fish photos to the derby gallery.

The derby will take place in Canadian waters in contact with St. Joseph Island, as in our previous fishing derby’s.

Most of all, have fun and stay safe! Let’s see how many fish there are to brag about!

Good Luck Fishing!