Lake Huron-North Shore Elk Advisory Committee

Hello Members,

The SJI Hunters and Anglers Association has been closely involved with the Lake Huron-North Shore Elk Advisory Committee.  The Club has committed seed donations for food plots, and it has offered its volunteer help.  The Elk Advisory Committee is working to minimize the impact of elk, particularly on agricultural land, while also ensuring the viability of the herds.

By clicking on one of the links below, you have an opportunity to contribute to the data collection about where the elk are and about the kinds of impacts that they are exerting.  Please print the form, complete it, and then submit it through one of the means identified at the bottom of the form.  One link is to a Word file and the other to a PDF file.

Thank you for your interest.

Local Agricultural Landowner Survey_LHNS EAC_August 2016

Local Agricultural Landowner Survey_LHNS EAC_August 2016